On June 19, 2022 I got the following email message from the Secretary of the El Gheko Neighborhood Association:


Tom, as you know the Elgheko Neighborhood Association has a new website and a new email address.

Postcards have gone out and a block captains project is well under way as well as an ice cream social with a back to school supply drive is planned.

We appreciate your past involvement. Please remove your elghecko.us site as it no longer represents the association.

Susan Dabbs 520-991-9083


As to the comment that I knew about this, no, I did not. I was never in the loop. I also take exception to the last sentence in the Secretary's email. So effective immediately, this web site is being terminated. If you have any questions, I can be contacted at twills44@charter.net.

Tom Wills, President Emeritus (2013-2018)
El Gheko Neighborhood Association
Tucson, AZ 85710

(262) 323-6502 (Cell)
(262) 353-3136 (Home)


Contact Tom Wills at elgheko@elgheko.us